Brain Injuries and Really Heartless People

I couldn’t say this better myself, so this is a copied comment in response to Amy Zellmer’s post “Life With a TBI: March is National Brain Injury Awareness Month.”  Read her blog – you need to be educated.

By Brye Ann Damage · Top Commenter

I’m grateful that you wrote this and published it on such a prominent site. Unfortunately, I do feel like it’s a glass of water on a forest fire, though I hope it’s a seed that will produce some understanding and compassion.

I’ve been living with this for years. I had everything that I expected life to be and when my ability to work was gone, so was my wife and her/my family of 20 years. She took me for nearly everything and everyone that I had and gave it to the man she had an affair with. My life was set; now I’m one step away from homelessness. Other people like my ex blame us because we won’t “pull ourselves together”. There’s a difference between won’t and can’t.

It’s very easy to dump people like us because there’s no shame in it. We look okay, so we must be just lazy and/or stupid. When I make mistakes, people often tell me that “we all lose it.” That’s like telling someone with cancer that we all get sick. Actually, no it isn’t, because if you said that to someone with cancer, you’d be seen as a villain. Tell that to someone like us and no one cares.


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