Fixing a Frankenstein Faith: Ten Distortions of Scripture and How to Correct Them

Liberty for Captives

In yellow lamplight I stayed up late the other night talking with my wife, burdened about another church gone to seed in Texas.

The sect looks so much like my former church in Maine, a Bible cult which maximized suffering and overlooked grace. The platitudes and sermons coming from the group sound so familiar they almost seem scripted. It’s as if every unhealthy church reads from the same dysfunctional playbook—merely making minor changes in regard to set, costume, and character.

I felt discouraged, until I remembered that there is still one Hero who can swoop down to save the day. No matter how much a Christian group twists scripture—no matter how fearful or controlled the people become—Jesus can still rescue them.

The Situation: Mutually Exclusive Exclusiveness

The group I have in mind is representative of a thousand other groups, each of whom believes it alone possesses the truth. While giving…

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